Monday, November 18, 2013

Robocalls: Who is blocking Elections Canada?

Our new flag?
If this is true, then we live in a banana republic:

Elections Canada has heard complaints of dirty tricks in the 2011 election from over 200 ridings. Many of the grievances don’t amount to much, sources say, but a substantial number are thought to be of a serious nature. A source with knowledge of the Elections Canada probe said investigators are handicapped because they are being blocked from gaining access to Conservative party records.  As a result, he said there is only a small chance of charges beyond those against Sona being laid.

The sooner the police ask for warrants to gain access to evidence about possible voter suppression crimes, the better for our democracy.

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  1. My Friend Curiosity Cat, I am in agreement with you 100 % . The Harper Government has rigged the system to achieve their majority, and Harper is controlling a party of 'True Believers'. Harper also appoints the head of the RCMP, The Head of Elections Canada, and The Governor General. So Canadian Voters must use every legal weapon they can find to bring down this tyrant,

    Seemingly the courts could pursue the election fraud which has already been established, and since a fish rots from its head, Harper should be easy to find.

    Keep p the good work Curiosity Cat, we need a few thousand like you here in Canada to save what used to be our Democracy.


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