Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Duffy Saga: The Mounties Close In

Mounties closing in
Amazing how some politicians fail to understand one simple fact of a modern democracy such as Canada: The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

Our justice institutions are highly developed, well staffed, with advanced methods that are applied to serious cases.

Our court system is fed by the police (who initiate the inquiries), the prosecutors (who decide whether to lay charges) and the courts (who hear the matters).

Part of our protection of our democracy are the laws that attempt to prevent any tampering with our institutions such as the Senate.

Now the Mounties are being fed information by Senator Duffy, who at this stage seems to have little to gain from not offering total cooperation with the police:

The electronic message, sent to Mr. Duffy from his lawyer Janice Payne, informs him she’s been contacted by a PMO lawyer who works for Mr. Wright.

The Prime Minister’s Office names two PMO staffers who are standing by to craft messages for Mr. Duffy.

“Chris Woodcock of his office and Patrick Rogers are communications specialists – very talented and happy to work with you to develop various strategies around communications,” Ms. Payne wrote in the e-mail to Mr. Duffy.

Mr. Duffy is one of three Harper Senate appointees who was suspended without pay last week after a push by the Conservative government to assuage public anger over the expenses controversy.

He, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau are also being investigated by the RCMP, but have not been charged with anything.

Donald Bayne, a lawyer for Mr. Duffy, said he’s handing over a significant amount of records to the Mounties to back up the senator’s allegation that the PMO figured prominently in the expenses controversy.

“We are providing the RCMP with a lot of information, which we believe will dramatically improve the RCMP’s understanding of the role of the prime minister’s office in this affair,” Mr. Bayne said.

These matters are now outside the control of politicians, and will take their due course, as the wheels grind on.

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  1. It's strange that this story is not breaking news. The Globe and Mail article stated that CTV obtained this email but no mention of it on CTV. CTV seems to be too busy making a small JT joke about China into major distraction. The quote on CTV News last night was taken out of context, made to appear as a full quote and may actually have been a case of libel. What's going on?


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