Friday, January 03, 2014

From My Quotes Cupboard: What comes first in the USA

The Texas delegation up front cheered.  Put a big man in a big uniform, let him recite big figures, and they would take the word of no priest or pope.  In America the uniform always finished first, the production expert second, and Christ was welcome to come in third.

Norman Mailer Miami and the Siege of Chicago; Signet, The New American Library 1968

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  1. Excuse the O/T but about that global warming....

  2. Whistling past the graveyard, are you, Ligneus?

    Facts are facts, and the vast majority of reputable scientists believe global warming is man-made (partially), and happening.

    Facts are uncomfortable things - they have a habit of not allowing themselves to be wished (or whistled) away!

    Happy New Year, Ligneus!

  3. You mean facts like no increase in temp for the past 17 years? Like those warmists blithely sailing off to Antarctica expecting to find open water according to their speculations and not only they but also Ice breakers getting stuck in massive amounts of ice?
    You should know that consensus doesn't constiture proof and anyway there are many reputable scientists who dispute AGW.
    Did you actually read the article I linked to? Because it was plain enough to me.

  4. PS. Been kinda chilly lately, doncha think? -52 in Minnesota for instance. I wish Global Warming were true, I like it to be warmer.

  5. If you feel inclined, here are listed 71 papers published in '13 saying that the sun controls earth's climate not man made CO2.
    I come back to what I thought at the beginning of all this AGW hokum, that the Medieval Warm Period happened without any assistance from an industrial revolution.

  6. Oops, missed providing the link. Used to doing hyperlinks which I don't think work here.

  7. Could this make a little dint in your armour?


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