Monday, March 17, 2014

A Liberal Party Mess in the Making

A man of principle
This is a mess. Justin Trudeau and his advisors had better get on to this debacle post haste, reveal all the facts and communications, and make sure the principle of open nominations is adhered to. If we start retreating from opennes and transparency before the election is here, we will not form the next government.

And congratulations to Zach Paikin for taking a principled stand (my underlining):

But a letter sent to Innes by Liberal national election readiness chief David MacNaughton and obtained by the CBC has suggested the move may have been driven by a desire to protect one of Trudeau’s star candidates, Chrystia Freeland.

According to the letter, MacNaughton said the party would have supported Innes’s nomination if Innes agreed not to run in the same riding as Freeland in 2015, when ridings are due to be reorganized.

The letter says Innes rejected the proposal “out of hand.”

In an interview with The Ottawa Citizen, Paikin said it was always known that Trudeau had identified preferred candidates in some ridings, “and if he wanted to campaign for some of those favourites, that would be his prerogative.”

“But once you start blocking candidacies, you go down a slippery slope,” Paikin said.

In his letter, Paikin drew a parallel between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Liberal party’s rejection of Innes’s candidacy, writing: “Stephen Harper is ‘Exhibit A’ of what happens when a leader compromises on his democratic principles in order to win power.”

Time is of the essence.


  1. Zach is naive. First taking Putins side, thinking he will be nice to us vis-a-vis the Arctic. Then with Justin on open nominations.

  2. The Liberal Party is a hell of a lot better off without Zach Paikin, whose ego and sense if self-importance make him feel qualified to run for Liberal policy chair at age 20 while spouting right-wing foreign policy diatribes. His ego doesn't appear to have shrunk any since then.

  3. Being naive or egotistic or humble and self-effacing does not affect the principle involved here: Zach is right regarding the issue. Justin Trudeau should reveal all correspondence and reasons, and personally ask Paikin to run for nomination, in my view.

  4. Sounds like a perfect fit with the Liberal Party!

  5. This Paiken guy makes Trudeau 2.0 look like Chretien.

  6. "The Executive believes that the underlying issue
    relates to its proposed candidate declining to sign a declaration to
    seek the nomination in Spadina-Fort York for the 2015 general election,
    an act that would conflict with the party’s open nomination policy. In
    response, the Party made unproven and malicious allegations against the
    candidate and her family to cover up its desire to control the
    nomination process.

    The Trinity-Spadina Federal Executive is requesting a
    meeting with Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to review this
    decision and return to fairness and due process.

    Julia Metus
    President, Federal Trinity-Spadina Liberal Riding Association"


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