Saturday, March 01, 2014

Election 2015: The Crossing of the Curves

Andre Turcotte - the Curves Tracker

Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words, much to the consternation of the conservatives huddled in Ottawa for the annual Manning Centre rightwing navel-gazing gathering.  Pollster Turcotte presented a series of graphs showing what a poll of a thousand Canadians today think about the new Conservative Party under Stephen Harper and the other parties.

This graph shows two interesting crossings of curves – the first in 2012, when the Liberals surged past the Mulcair NDP in party self-identification by voters, and the second in 2013, when they surged past the Conservatives:

If you are a conservative, you really have to wonder whether your party has passed its best-before date.

The 2015 (or earlier) election will confirm those curves.

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