Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quebec: Help the PQ set their Lobster Trap

Reaction to the PQ Lobster Strategy?
Battles for votes rise or fall on framing: the ballot question, your opponent, your own side, the issues. Framing happens, with you or without you; sometimes best with you.

Ms Marois and the PQ have recoiled in horror from any discussions of the independence referendum or of an independent Quebec, because their original election plan was to talk about their Charter of Values and get their majority, then launch their ongoing PR campaign to soften up their citizens regarding a referendum, known as their White Paper process, and then – but only once they had successfully achieved the hoary old PQ strategy of turning up the water in the pot so that the Quebec “lobsters” don’t notice they are being boiled alive – launch the referendum.

The PQ’s main opposition has spotted the emergence yet again of the PQ Lobster Strategy:

But Mr. Couillard said the PQ produces more evidence every day that the “referendum machinery is already engaged.” Citing a report in Le Soleil, he said Ms. Marois would launch the white paper on sovereignty within the first year.

“It’s the lobster trap Jacques Parizeau talked about. Get Quebeckers in the trap, and we close the door,” Mr. Couillard said, referring to a controversial quote from the former PQ leader.

In 1995, Mr. Parizeau was quoted in La Presse as having described in a private meeting a plan to trap Quebeckers into independence like “lobsters in boiling water.”

Give Ms Marois and her PQ a bit of help, will you?

The Cat thinks that Ms Marois burst out of the starting gate in fine fashion with her months long seasoning of the Lobsters with the Charter of Values. It would be a real pity if the PQ’s experiment in turning ordinary Quebeckers (and especially 50% plus 1 of the Francophones) into Lobsters should now falter, just because Ms Marois told the truch about her ambitions a few times.

Please consider helping Ms Marois and the PQ along by creating your own captions in this handy little LobsterCat cartoon (you will find the site below). Here are a few of my own creaitions, using their dandy little caption substituter:

The LobsterCat Cartoon Site

You can find the site here. You can use their own lobster cat image or any others you find: just google "lobster cat" to find them, save the one you want on your PC and upload it to the Cheezburger site. You can also publish it on that site.

Once you’ve created a few of your own captions, use a screenshot snapper to save them on your PC and then share them with your friends or blog readers or others.

If you don’t know how to capture an image on the screen, I have found a small, free screencapture program named Lightshot every easy to use. I downloaded it as an app for my Firefox browser from this site.

Go ahead! Help define the election!  Make sure your contributions end up on Twitter at #lobsterquebec

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