Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Robocalls and our Democracy: Michael Harris’ Compelling Ten Questions

Michael Harris: The Big 10
A must read for all who fear for our democracy, Michael Harris has done all Canadians a favour by spelling out ten questions he wants answered, along with some supporting facts that are background to each question he has posed.

The inaction or lack of response by those whose job it is guard our democracy from voter suppression beggars belief.

I trust that the three opposition parties will raise his article in iPolitics and his 10 questions during Question Period. And that they will demand that someone from Elections Canada appear to explain what is going on, in light of the unanswered questions that Harris raises.

These are the 5 questions that I am most interested in:

Question One: After Mr. X breached the security of CIMS, and went on to use the information to illegally discourage people from voting, did Chris Rougier, who oversaw the Conservatives’ National Voter Contact Operations in the 2011 election, or anyone else in party HQ, ever call the RCMP to investigate the theft of the party’s information?

Question Two: After tracing the phoney calls to a CPC list that was updated on April 27, 2011 in their computer, why didn’t Elections Canada investigators serve a court order for records stored on CIMS?

Question Five: What was the purpose of Rougier’s call to Meier the day before the election?

Question Nine: Would Mathews in his former life as an RCMP inspector have permitted someone representing a party to the investigation sit in on witness interviews, particularly since he was not their lawyer but the CPC’s?

Question Ten: If Robocalls was just a rogue operator in Guelph, will Elections Canada be giving Canadians an explanation of the tsunami of misleading phone calls elsewhere?

You might also want to delve into Saskboy’s post on the Ten Questions.

Michael Sona: The Accused (So Far)

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