Friday, March 07, 2014

Ukraine: You don’t want your Banker have this conversation

Putin testing the waters ...
The central bank of Russia has just taken over control of a Russian unit of one of the Ukraine’s largest banks, which is controlled by one of the richest supporters of the new Ukrainian government, Ihor Kolomoyski.

The oligarch, representing the unique marriage of pubescent capitalism and naked feudalism that passes for an economy in much of Russia and the former Soviet Union, voiced his opinion of President Putin in no uncertain terms:

In his first news conference as the newly appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk, Mr. Kolomoyski had called Mr. Putin "a schizophrenic of small stature," and warned that his ambitions in Ukraine could have disastrous consequences.

"He's completely inadequate, he has gone completely out of his mind," Mr. Kolomoyski told an audience of officials on Monday.
The Billionaire Banker

President Putin thoughtfully gave his opinion of Kolomoyski:

Mr. Putin, in his news conference with Russian journalists on Tuesday, had responded by calling Mr. Kolomoyski "a unique scoundrel," accusing him of defrauding a Russian tycoon in a business deal years ago.

And then the central bank of Russia swooped in to take the unit of the bank into protective custody.

Pity that the good old days of duels to settle disagreements has passed, eh? Perhaps a High Noon whipoff with horsewhips in Red Square in Moscow ...

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  1. Whether the world per bank it always has more money. Money is not everything, but in this world everything needs money. hehehe

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