Friday, April 25, 2014

Keystone: Harper & TransCanada asleep at the switch

Read this Bloomberg News article for an interesting analysis of the events behind the Obama stalling of the Keystone Pipeline approvals. Harper, a micro-manager at home, appears oblivious to how the environmental forces operate in the US, and TransCanada missed the boat, as well:

On Aug. 31, just after the State Department passed its favorable assessment, Governor Heineman wrote Obama and Clinton. “Do not allow TransCanada to build a pipeline over the Ogallala Aquifer and risk the potential damage to Nebraska’s water,” he stated, adding he generally favored pipelines.

TransCanada was eager to get the line operating and deliveries started to the Gulf refineries. It resisted calls by legislators to reroute the line and antagonized some landowners with letters threatening legal action if they didn’t agree to allow Keystone to cross their property.

Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said in an interview that the success of the grassroots campaign, employing scare tactics about unrelated matters like BP Plc’s Gulf of Mexico blowout, made TransCanada realize the game had changed for the pipeline industry.

“We were caught flat-footed because historically we hadn’t had to deal with that issue on the ground,” he said.

A very interesting take on how otherwise astute people can have blind spots.

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