Thursday, May 22, 2014

Abortion: Why Trudeau’s decision on pro-choice candidates is a good one

Justin Trudeau: Decisive
Ever since Justin Trudeau’s team came out with the announcement that anti-abortion supporters need not bother to run as candidates for the nomination of Liberal MPs in the coming election, the right wing has had a field day trying to make hay out of this single straw.

Take the absurdity that Robyn Urback wrote in the National Post, as an example:

What twaddle.

The Liberal Party supports the Supreme Court decision regarding a woman’s right to choose. Fullstop.

So why not expect potential candidates to do the same in order to run for nomination?

The Liberal Party also supports the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As Trudeau put it, the Party is the party of the Charter.

So why allow anyone to run who opposes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

For far too long the Liberal Party has run on platforms that have been shapeless mush, cobbled together as wish lists of everyone with an opinion. In many cases, this sad excuse for a “big-tent” set of policies and values has simply disguised the intellectual bankruptcy involved.

Our Party has certain fundamental, bedrock values, such as the two I have used above. It is high time we clearly stated what our bedrock values are, and stood up for them. If anyone does not like them, they are free to run as candidate for another party, or to voter for another party.

Congratulations to Justin and his team for being so clear on such an important value of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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