Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Byelections: Thomas Mulcair’s NDP In Denial Phase

Mulcair in denial
Four byelections, and a thumping for the NDP, but that party is still refusing to face up to reality (my bolding):

Mulcair said the NDP needs to run campaigns that go beyond strictly local matters and focus on broader “kitchen table” issues, such as gas prices, ATM fees and transit, which are of concern to many Canadians of different political stripes.

“When we head into the general (election), we’re going to be broadening from where we are,” he said.

The NDP leader said Cressy got strong support from the party base, but the “mathematics of the vote” were affected by the Liberals surging ahead when the Conservatives got only six per cent of the vote in Trinity-Spadina.

“We’ve got to make sure that we take that into account when we’re calculating who we run and where, and where we put our emphasis,” Mulcair added.

Cressy, meanwhile, said Trudeau’s popularity had nothing to do with the results. A number of voters were torn, he said, because they have voted NDP federally but supported Vaughan municipally.

Until the NDP realizes that this coming election is just not it’s turn, and reviews its strategy and tactics (think proportional representation, Thomas), it will ride into battle in the next election and be whittled down to a rump.

Perhaps thereafter the next leader of the NDP will reassess matters.


  1. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Alas, as a Liberal, I don't object to Angry Tom leading the Not-Really-New-Anymore Democratic Party back to their normal place in third place.

  2. It would be unwise to write off Tom Mulcair just yet, but I agree that he sounds very disconnected from what Canadian voters are looking for & has to stop making excuses.


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