Monday, July 21, 2014

Coming soon: High Noon in Ottawa, starring Senator “Sixgun” Duffy

The Mounties have ridden into town, dismounted, and placed their investigations in the hands of the state prosecutors. The prosecutors have carefully drafted 31 charges against a senator, and the stage is now set for an epic High Noon shootout on a dusty street in front of the Parliament in Ottawa.

And the senator has promised to call out several senior members of the Conservative Party as witnesses, under oath.

From the Ottawa Citizen:
Duffy has long maintained his innocence, saying that the details of his housing claims would all come out in court.

He has also quietly told colleagues that he intended to call as witnesses senior members of the Conservative party so they would be forced to talk about what they knew.
Wright, is expected to be a key witness at any trial. However, the RCMP announced in April that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Wright with anything.
A senior Tory, perhaps?

In his statement last night, Bayne says the evidence will show that his client did not want to participate in Nigel Wright’s and the PMO’s repayment scenario, which he says they concocted for purely political purposes.

Rest assured, if the State does not call Nigel Wright as witness, then “Sixgun” Duffy will most likely do so. Either way, I believe it is highly probable that Wright will be given a chance to explain what happened before, during and after the events that led him to utter his now immortal “We are good to go” words.

And “Sixgun” Duffy is sure to call as witnesses some very senior Conservative senators, to talk about the events surrounding the first proposed deal with Duffy: the one for much less than $90,000.

Senator "Sixgun" Duffy getting ready ...

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  1. This disgraced senator was appointed by Harper for fundraising purposes to represent a province he hadn’t lived in for about 40 years.
    He is charged with fraud and accepting a bribe from another guy, also appointed by Harper as his chief of staff.
    A handpicked team chosen by, you guessed it, Harper who all report to Harper, also knew about the Duffy’s spending practices and were prepared to have taxpayer-subsidized Conservative Party funds managed by yet another Harper appointee Sen. Irving Gerstein, pay for his legal fees of $13,566.00 and the disputed expenses in the range of $32,000.
    Through all of this, we’re expected to believe that the supposed master of political tactics, the manipulator-in-chief, innocent lil Stephie Harper himself was utterly and completely unaware of the maelstrom that surrounded him and his staff for months? This is the height of condescension.
    Is this what they meant when they said they would bring us open and transparent government?

    All we get from Stevie is this insipid and weaselly statement that clearly indicates that we’re well into the post-Responsible Government era:

    Harper, about his own scandal …

    “It was Mr. Wright’s money. It was his personal money that he was repaying to the taxpayer on behalf of Mr. Duffy … and he did this in his capacity of chief of staff, so he is solely responsible. And that is why he has resigned.”


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