Friday, July 04, 2014

Congratulations to Susan Delacourt

Susan Delacourt

Susan Delacourt neatly sums up the state of play in Canadian politics in her article in the Toronto Star:

In that same vein, we have been told repeatedly that Canadians want people in power who are “good managers” of the economy, but what about being a good manager of democracy? Doesn’t that entail a commitment to keeping citizens involved and interested with the business of how they’re governed?

For those of us who have balked at the way citizens have been turned into consumers (or worse, mere “taxpayers”), there is the silver lining in the bleak turnout figures. Just because you treat voters as shoppers, it doesn’t mean they’ll flock like bargain hunters to snap up your wares. They might just stay away altogether...

It must be frustrating to those who persist in seeing Canadians as passive consumers of politics and democracy. These customers are not being swayed by ads, their culture is not easily rebranded and they have higher expectations of government than mere bargains and slogans.

And when it comes to voting, they are becoming the most feared type of customers. The kind who don’t show up.

Way to go, Susan! The Cat salutes you.

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  1. Stephen Elliott-BuckleyJuly 04, 2014 2:28 pm

    i love the idea of stewarding opposed to smothering it with a pillow in its sleep.

    but doesn't voters who don't show up make it easier for despots to get re-elected?


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