Monday, July 07, 2014

From My Quotes Cupboard: The German Juggernaut in search of a Hedgehog

About Jose Maria Aznar, Prime Minister of Spain, at the Amsterdam Treaty negotiation in May 1997:

But not with Aznar. They waited until everyone had settled into their roles at the negotiations, including me, and then offered him a compromise, not a bad one but not a good one. He said, No, I told you my terms. Ah yes, but we need to know your bottom line, they said. That is my bottom line, he replied. Then he said: I’m going into the next room to smoke a cigar. Which he promptly did.

They tried everything. Wim Kok, former prime minister of the Netherlands, went in and made his disapproval clear in a mildly Dutch Protestant way. Jacques Chirac tried to lord it over him in a very French way. Helmut Kohl finally rose to his fee and carried his considerable weight into the next room, looking like a juggernaut in search of a hedgehog. He came back mystified. The hedgehog had inexplicably refused to be squashed. Kohl turned to me. “You’re new like him,” he barked. “You go and try.”

A Journey: My Political Life by Tony Blair Alfred A. Knopf 2010

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