Wednesday, July 23, 2014

USA: Elizabeth Warren takes the fight to Wall Street

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The highly intelligent, courageous and scrappy new senator is not stopping in her fight for the middle class. She is pounding the streets, raising money for long-shot Democrat candidates, and focusing on the rigged stock market that favours the wealthy and has a lock on many elected senators and House representatives:

Yet Warren’s 2014 road show is important in its own right. By stumping for long-shot Democrats in red states, raising and spreading around campaign cash, devising innovative legislation for candidates to borrow and, most importantly, sharpening the left’s rhetorical attack on Wall Street, Warren could have a major impact on the future of the Democratic Party, regardless of what she does in 2016.

Her traveling road show powerfully demonstrates why. Warren blows past any Beltway skittishness over “class warfare.” In her recent appearances alongside Kentucky’s Alison Lundergan Grimes and West Virginia’s Natalie Tennant, she portrayed the options before voters as “a choice between billionaires and students” or between someone who will “stand up for Wall Street” or “stand up for the families.” 

She name-checked Citibank and Goldman Sachs as among the Wall Streeters who already have “plenty of folks in the United State Senate who are willing to work on their side,” suggesting they don’t need to hold on to eager recipients of financial industry campaign cash like Sen. Mitch McConnell or Rep. Shelley Capito. 

And she used her signature student loan bill that would pay for refinancing by closing tax loopholes, filibustered by Republicans but embraced by the two Appalachian Democrats, as a case study of whose side each candidate is on.
A real leader

Warren’s Wall Street bashing has a good chance of boosting Tennant and Grimes because no matter what shade the state, people hate Wall Street. 

Already this year, Rep. Eric Cantor lost his job in part because Tea Party conservatives felt he was too close to big banks. 

After that Virginia primary, pollster Greenberg Quinlain Rosner conducted a national survey showing that 64 percent believe “the stock market is rigged for insiders” and 60 percent support “stricter regulation” on financial institutions, reflecting support that spans across the partisan spectrum.

Warren is saying what Hilary Clinton dare not say: the financial system of the USA is still broke, and needs fixing; is rigged, and needs leveling; and too many elected representatives are in the hip pockets of the wealthy.

Now if only Warren would decide to run for the Democratic nomination for the 2016 election!

The world would benefit if she won, and replaced President Obama, not just the USA.

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  1. Someone needs to take that cause UP right here in Canada. Retired people over the age of 71...who are not baby boomer... cannot afford glasses...not when Optometrists charge over $400.00 to change lenses in two pairs of glasses...high way robbery here in Alberta. Retired people over the age of 71...who are not baby boomers...cannot afford to see a dentist...why?...due to the fact of the very high costs of dentistry. Again ... high way robbery. Those retirees, slaved and worked hard, did without to put their children through expensive training only to be told "you don't matter". Who ever heard that seeing to eyes and teeth is still considered a luxury in this country. So all you people over 71...just put up and or go die off. Your a drain on the Canadian system or so I seems the government implication is. What load of rubbish for this country to say 70's and older are working and have more money than they have ever had. They are trying to find work so they can live with more than $1200.00 a month. Who cares about one at all.


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