Sunday, February 01, 2015

You gotta love those Brits!

The Gladiators prepare ...
Prime Minister Cameron, facing requests for three televised debates before the May election, is dodging and weaving, having calculated that he has more to lose than to gain by debating three or more other opponents.

Voters tend to favour him over his main contender, who is fighting low expectations, as this extract from the January 17 edition of The Economist describes:

Mr Cameron’s foot-dragging is indeed self-interested. Voters tend to favour him as prime minister over Mr Milibrand by a factor of two to one. As Philip Cowley, a political scientist at Nottingham University, has put it, the Labour leader will outperform expectations if he “comes on stage and doesn’t soil himself on camera” – let alone if he puts in the strong performance of which he sometimes shows himself capable.


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