Friday, March 27, 2015

2015 Election: Quebec holds, Ontario rises for Liberals says Abacus poll

On guard
Hat tip to BigCityLib for pointing the way to the latest Abacus poll.
The devil is in the regional breakdown, because national poll numbers are relatively useless in Canada.

There are 4 big battlegrounds, with only 3 really in contention:

  • the prairies are Tory blue; 
  • BC is a nightmare for the two opposition parties who split the vote and give the Conservatives a huge electoral advantage;
  • Ontario is the swing province, with the Liberals reaching out from the big cities while Harper ferrets for votes in the dormitory suburbs and the NDP whistles past the graveyard in a few pinkish spots; 
  • and in Quebec the orange tide continues its steady ebbing.

This is the latest Abacus provincial breakdown – note the LPC inching ahead in Battleground Ontario, and keeping the NDP under control in Quebec; the news in BC is less favourable:

Regional Battlegrounds 2015

We need an uptick in the BC numbers to make sure that the Conservative government is sent into opposition party territory.

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  1. You want an uptick in BC numbers? Come up with an acceptable pipeline/supertanker policy. Not sure your party can go that far in the time remaining before the election.


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