Monday, April 20, 2015

Why the UK needs proportional representation

The Damsel is in distress
The Telegraph has this introduction to the article on safe seats:

Has your constituency already been won in the 2015 general election? Find out here. Does your vote really count? New research shows that more than half of MPs are in safe seats. Find your constituency on this map to discover if you're one of the 25 million people (out of 60 million) who already know who will be your MP after May 7.

And here’s the harsh reality:

Have you ever had the feeling that your vote was pointless? You could be right.
Research by the Electoral Reform Society has shown that out of 650 parliamentary constituencies, 364 - or 56 per cent - are all but certain to go to one party.
In these "safe seats", nobody but the incumbent party stands any chance of winning. So if you live there and you don't like your MP, that's tough luck.

And here’s the map:

And here’s another graphic reminder of why modern democracies need proportional representation instead of archaic first past the post systems:

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