Sunday, May 03, 2015

Alberta election: Why is Premier Prentice losing the male vote?

Although taken on April 30, with the election on May 5, this poll shows that the surging NDP has stolen a big whack of male votes from Cowboy Jim Prentice.

Is Jim Prentice being out-gunned and out-muscled by Rachel Notley?

It seems so, from that poll.

Note the huge gap between the two among the male voters.

Also, despite Prentice’s vast experience in politics, he seems to have lost his footing, starting with his incomprehensible handling of the raid on the top brass of the Wildrose Party, then his tone-deaf budget, with its punitive measures against ordinary Albertans while leaving fat-cat corporations untouched (so much for sharing the pain, eh?), and ending with his stumbling during the debate.

His lame remark – Maths is hard – will go down in Canadian political history; he will be a footnote in many a political textbook, political case study, and master’s thesis for that snarky put down. My guess is that he really, really, really wishes right now that he could don a Superman costume, fly high in the sky, and speed against the earth’s rotation, to change the time to the past, to just before he uttered that thoughtless comment.
One for the Muscles, Two for the men ...

Yes, Premier, Maths is hard. Hard when you simply decide to lead from behind by refusing to have a sales tax. Hard when you blame voters for deficits run up by your own party, which has misspent many millions through clumsy actions in health care and many other areas. Hard, when your party behaves as if the gift of oil and gas will last forever, and ignores the valid concerns of many that the oil is exported without being cleaned locally, with jobs in refineries for future Albertans; concerns that exports of heavy oil to the USA are not a slam dunk but have to be done with the concerns of those worried about global warming in mind; and valid concerns by millions of Albertans that successive governments have not saved enough, as Norway has.

Yes, Maths is hard. And perhaps it’s time for some new Maths in Alberta.

It seems that many Albertans are considering taking the PCs behind the wood shed this week, and giving them something to think about for the next decade or two.
Tuned in, or tone-deaf? Tuesday will tell

In Alberta, if you lose the male vote, you are toast. And this poll seems to show that this is happening to Prentice and his party. Tuesday will show if this was a simple blip on the political landscape, or a giant-felling vote-with-your-feet protest by Albertans.

Jimmy, Jimmy, why did you say that? Tsk, tsk  

Someody shoulda told me she could shoot ... 

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  1. The Alberta NDP isn't bringing in a sales tax either, the Alberta NDPs tax increases of choice are a progressive income tax and an increase in corporate taxes.


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