Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Congratulations, Alberta!

You have shaken off the tyranny of group-think and dared to venture into the public space of democracy, where vigorous debate is expected, minds are changed by reasoning, and politics belongs to the people.

To you. To every Albertan.

Your provincial and federal leaders have not served you well this past decade.

When they should have been stashing cash into a rainy day fund, like Norway has done, because such a big part of your economy is driven by one commodity, they have acted as if what goes up must always go up.

When they should have been building for the future, money has been misspent.

When they should have been out in the public spaces, really talking to ordinary people, they have chosen to behave as if they are protecting you from the threat of anarchy and dissolution, which would happen if people actually spoke to people.

Calgary led the way, by electing a mayor who actually reveled in ideas, and who not only spoke of listening to the people but did that.

And now you have had your very own Arab Spring.


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  1. Is there any truth to the rumour that Prentise has a " Pissed Another One Away" bumber sticker on his gas guzzler ?


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