Thursday, June 18, 2015

Election 2015 Seniors will determine who is Prime Minister of Canada come late October

Here’s one interesting finding from the June 16 Forum poll:

The NDP vote is characteristic of the youngest (43%), the least wealthy (39%) and the wealthiest (37%), in BC (30%) and among the best educated (43%). 

The Liberal vote is common to older voters (45 to 54 and 65+ - 31%), the wealthiest (34%), in the Atlantic provinces (38%, down from 53% two weeks ago) and Ontario (31%). among Anglophones (31%) but not Francophones (15%), and among females (29%) but not males (26%). 

The Conservative vote is characteristic of the oldest (29%), males (30%), the wealthier ($90K to $100K - 34%), in Alberta (39%, down from 49% two weeks ago) and among the least educated (30%). There is little appeal for this party among Francophones (16%) or mothers of children (23%).

Another interesting finding is that the Harper Tories are now under threat in their heartland of Alberta; the dam burst with the evisceration of the old white men of the provincial Conservative Party a short while ago. Newly liberated Albertans are now contemplating the unthinkable: electing a federal socialist government!

A third snippet? Have one-quarter of the voters who voted for the Liberal Party in 2011 really moved over to the Dippers? Forum says so.

And Forum’s findings on the legitimacy of coalitions is fascinating. Canadians are finally growing up politically, it seems.

Interesting times.

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