Friday, July 24, 2015

Donald Trump will become President in 2016

Trump's Powerful Slogan
Chances are very high right now that in early November 2016 we will find that Donald Trump will be the next president of the USA, after narrowly beating Hilary Clinton in the election.

And the symbol of his meteoric rise to the most powerful elected position in the world will be his newly-minted, hot off the assembly line, baseball cap.

That cap, and the slogan on it, are extraordinarily powerful statements of just what Trump is hoping will be the ballot box question in 2016: The perceived loss of American power by so many Americans.

Trump’s slogan hearkens back to the man Republicans still view with awe: another Washington outsider, with simplistic views that matched his core beliefs, Ronald Reagan:
“Make America Great Again” is also Trump’s campaign slogan, which Trump has trademarked. It also has close similarities to President Ronald Reagan’s campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again!”

Trump wore his baseball cap on his visit to the border with Mexico. While trying to mend fences with Hispanic voters whom he might have offended with his brash statements the day he announced his run for Republican nomination, Trump also took the chance to speak about his plan to build a long, long fence (or wall) along the border, so as to solve the problem of illegal migrants.

His cap proved so popular that he is now selling it:
On Friday morning, a Trump campaign aide confirmed to Business Insider that the hats are on sale at Trump Tower in Manhattan and are "coming soon to" The aide said all of the campaign merchandise was "made in the USA."

Business Insider visited Trump Tower where the woman at the store in the lobby said the hats arrived on Friday morning. They are available in three colors: red, blue, and the white model Trump wore on his border trip. The hats cost $20.

And, true to Trump’s marketing skills, the cap comes in a fancy package.

Trump is now the man to beat on the Republican side. With some 16 wannabees vying for the nomination, Trump has come from nowhere to take the lead in recent polls, beating the 3 really viable candidates (Bush, Walker, Rubio).  

What is his attraction? His willingness to state boldly what he believes:

He Speaks His Mind For a blanket statement, look no further. Politicians excel at one truly despicable thing; lying and misleading with a big dirty, endearing smile on their faces. They don’t just excel at it, they do it for a living. Trump is not only not a lawyer, he’s also not a politician. He’s gotten to where he is by speaking his mind, which is frank and honest and would be a breath of fresh air when in charge…. In this race, you will see many mouthpieces and purveyors of empty words; people who are more talk than action, and a few leaders, who will act, innovate and solve problems. Make no mistake, Trump is a leader.

We are already hearing voters talk about their admiration for a candidate who ‘speaks his mind’, or ‘tells it like it is’.

So why is Hilary Clinton vulnerable to defeat by Trump?

Both candidates have low favourables to unfavourables ratings in polls. Lots of people don’t like either of them. But American presidential elections are won in a handful of purple states, and by small margins of a few percentage points in the popular vote.

And it is here that Clinton is vulnerable. Trump appeals to working class white voters, who believe they have been stiffed by the elites (as they have been). And the Democratic Party is not their choice for righting these wrongs, as this poll result shows:

The comment on that poll goes on to say:
It’s now widely predicted that the 2016 election will be fought heavily around the idea that the economy works far better for the wealthy than it does for working and middle class Americans, who are being left behind by stagnating wages, stalled economic opportunity, and a recovery that’s disproportionately rewarding top earners.
One subplot of that storyline centers on a corollary question. Can Democrats perform better among non-college whites in 2016 than they did in 2012, by fielding a candidate (say, Hillary Clinton) who enjoys a greater cultural affinity with those voters than Barack Obama did, and by speaking directly to their sense that the economy has been rigged for many years against them?
The new Washington Post/ABC News poll starkly illustrates the challenge Democrats face in this regard. It turns out that an overwhelming majority of non-college whites believes the U.S. economic system is stacked in favor of the rich — but far more of those voters also think Republicans, not Democrats, have better ideas to address that problem.
And independents are almost exactly split between the two parties on this question.
Trump’s campaign slogan Make America Great Again speaks to these very concerns. And he has solutions to the loss of well-paying jobs: make them come back from China, which he as president will make happen.

Unlike his wishy-washy beltline Republican opponents.

And unlike Clinton.

Right now, I see the presidency as Trump’s to lose.

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