Thursday, July 30, 2015

Harper’s Just Not Ready attack boomerangs!

Seems the Trudeau attack ad works with Conservatives but is making NDP supporters think about voting for Trudeau’s Liberals:

A Conservative Party attack ad targeting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for being “just not ready” to lead the country is actually working to convince Canadians to vote for him, a Forum Research poll has discovered.

The survey found that 32 per cent of Canadians who had seen the ad were now more likely to vote Liberal in the upcoming federal election. The ad is having an adverse effect on NDP supporters as 21 per cent said viewing it made them more likely to support Trudeau.

A majority of NDP supporters polled — 57 per cent — also disagree with the ad’s tagline “Justin Trudeau: He’s just not ready.”

Talk about unintended consequences!

Let’s hope the Tories keep that ad running right up until the election!

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