Monday, August 03, 2015

Forum poll: Harper in free fall and Mulcair headed for strong minority government

Forum tale of the seats
Tom Mulcair is headed towards becoming prime minister of a government with a hefty chunk of seats in Parliament, just shy of a majority, according to the latest Forum poll:

A Forum Research poll conducted a few hours after Stephen Harper officially called the 2015 federal election on Sunday shows that 39 per cent of Canadian voters would vote NDP if the election were held today. According to the poll, released Monday, the Harper Conservatives, who tied the New Democrats on the even of the call, tumbled to 28 per cent. The Liberals came in third at 25 per cent.

“If these results are projected up to a 338 seat house, the NDP would capture 160 seats, 10 short of a majority, while the Conservatives would take 118. The Liberals would settle for 58 seats, the Greens for their leader’s seat and the Bloc for one seat,” Forum Research stated on its website.

The collapse of the Harper Conservative vote, according to this poll, is a key ingredient in the explosive mix that is now Canadian politics, triggered by Stephen Harper’s insensitive calling of a very costly early election campaign. The cynicism that is the basic core of Harper’s politics was revealed by this last fling of the dice by a desperate, out-of-touch, and flailing politician.

Talk about last hurrahs, Harper’s roll of the dice tops the charts.

His tone-deaf response seems to have finally tilted the scales, and coalesced Canadians’ feelings about a man who really does not respect the concept of fair play or political conventions.

It’s as if Canadians have decided to move from having a majority government run by a single man, to a minority government, subject to the checks and balances of having to obtain votes from MPs of other parties.
Canadians react to Harper's waste of $125 million of their money

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