Monday, August 10, 2015

Frank Luntz and his very own Trumpenstein

The Luntz Nightmare ...
Poor Frank Luntz! He’s got his knickers in a knot about Donald Trump’s Patton-like charge across the 2016 Republican convention battleground:

And you look at the Trump situation, where he can say just about anything, and it doesn't seem to affect his support.

It is not about issues, it is about tonality, and the public seems to be responding to those who are the sharpest, most divisive, most outwardly negative about the system.

CHARLIE ROSE, CBS: How do we change it, Frank?

LUNTZ: It is going to get worse, not better...

Candidates are being rewarded for it, people who protest Bernie Sanders get tremendous publicity...

This guy could win in Iowa and New Hampshire, and we have always assumed that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee.

And on the Republican side, Trump now has a base that will stay with him, 15-20% of Republicans, stay with him no matter what he does.

Imagine, who would have thought you could criticize George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Megyn Kelly, he has gone after me for calling me a "duntz."

Remember Luntz? He’s the one the Republicans turn to to craft the deft phrase that steals the headlines, crushes the Democrats, and defines the framing battle.

Remember the Death Tax? That’s his work.

It’s as if Shelley was complaining about her little monster, Frankenstein. “He’s a monster; he’s out of control; he’s coming for everyone; we need to protect ourselves against him…”

Welcome to The Trump, Luntz: he’s as much your creation as he is his own. You debased political discourse by reducing it to slogans, with half-truths behind them. You were successful in showing countless politicians how to avoid being open and honest with voters, and how to do so by attacking their opponents with simplistic phrases.

Sound familiar? That’s what Trump is: the logical extension of the slippery path the Republicans have been treading for decades now.

And that’s the problem with Monsters: they tend to end up with a mind of their own (even if it’s a transplanted one).

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