Sunday, August 02, 2015

How Trudeau can remove the debate veto imposed by Harper and Mulcair

Possible debaters
So Mulcair has decided he will only debate if the prime minister is debating? And Harper has decided not to debate in a forum that would attract the widest public viewership.

This leaves the Liberals twisting in the wind.

Or does it?

One of the secrets of martial arts is to use the momentum of your opponent against him. You go with his movement, but change it to your advantage.

Justin Trudeau can do this and stop this Harper-Mulcair spoiled-child bickering with a proposal to the CBC consortium that would allow their debate to take place, and would attract a large viewership.

The proposal is simple.

Trudeau agrees to the CBC consortium holding a debate on these conditions:

1.      At least the leaders of two of the political parties with one or more MPs must agree to attend. This means if Elizabeth May and Justin Trudeau agree to debate, but Mulcair and Harper do not, the debate(s) will be held.
2.     The debate must be organized by the CBC consortium, and include the principles set out below.
3.     The debate must include a townhouse style of venue.
4.     Canadian voters are invited to attend the debate by applying for a ticket. Tickets will be selected by random drawings, with backups in case of no-shows.
5.     Half of the questions must come from votes attending the debates.
6.     The host will be selected by the CBC consortium.
7.     A panel of 3 will also be selected by the CBC consortium, and this panel will be entitled to ask questions as well.
8.     Preferably, the debates should be held in several places in Canada.
9.     The leaders who are attending must be given adequate time to answer questions fully.
10.  Questions must be divided equally between three topics: foreign policy; domestic policy; and other. The other category includes anything the questioner wants to ask.

How about it, Justin? Why not give the people a chance to participate actively in the debates? There is enough time in the 70 plus days left for the CBC consortium to organize a few debates along these lines.

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