Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prime Minister Trudeau will lead us out of the Harper darkness

Harper's sham democracy
It is difficult to think of a more important election for Canada’s future than the coming October one. The choice is stark: more of the Harper Conservative chipping away at our democratic institutions, or, under Justin Trudeau as our PM, a refreshing change that will usher modern democratic methods into Canada.

Make no bones about it. If Trudeau is PM and Harper is not, Canadians will have wrested control of Parliament away from the highly centralized, undemocratic PM Office and returned it to their representatives.

We will notice the difference within months, starting with the first few sessions of the new Parliament. And the changes will be significant.

As Trudeau said yesterday:

On the eve of Sen. Mike Duffy’s fraud trial resuming, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau accused the Conservative Party of having turned Ottawa into a “partisan swamp” that needs to be urgently reformed.

At a campaign event at his riding office in Montreal, Trudeau said that if elected he would put in place new measures to change the Senate-appointment process, make information more accessible to Canadians and give Members of Parliament more power to represent the wishes of their constituents.

Under Conservative Leader Stephen Harper the flow of information has dried up, elected MPs have become mere votes to be counted and the upper chamber has been set alight by an expenses-and-ethics scandal, Trudeau said.

That is expected to take centre stage in the campaign starting Wednesday, when Harper’s former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, begins testifying at Duffy’s fraud trial in Ottawa about a personal $90,000 cheque he provided to the senator and former journalist to pay back improper and allegedly illegal expense claims.

“Harper turned Ottawa into a partisan swamp,” Trudeau said. “He has led the most secretive, divisive and hyper-partisan government in Canada’s history.”

The Liberal Party’s three-point plan was among a series of propositions first made public in June that included overhauling the country’s voting system to implement proportional representation rather than the first-past-the-post system that has guided Canada since its founding.

Just how serious are the changes the Liberal Party is offering Canadians? Substantial changes. We won’t recognize the way our new Parliament will work, as compared to the gutted ones under the Harper sham-democracy.

Go here for Paul Well’s description of the reform plans Trudeau announced earlier on.

And go here for highlights of the earlier 32 point democracy fix plan of the Liberal Party.

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