Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Duffy Trial: Not Unexpected Consequences

Can we expect this soon?
For those Conservative spokespersons who don’t believe that the sorry tale of a Prime Minister’s Office scrambling to come up with the very best way to deceive the public, as told by witnesses at the Senator Duffy expenses trial, has had an effect on the popularity of their leader and of their party, welcome to the latest polls.

Here’s the gist:

The latest survey by Ipsos Reid for Global News, also published Thursday, showed weakening support for the Conservatives. Like Forum, it placed the Tories in third place, though with 29 per cent. That put them one point behind the Liberals, while the NDP led with 33 per cent. The poll represented a swing of two points from the Conservatives to the Liberals compared to Ipsos Reid's poll from two weeks previously. But compared to the firm's last pre-campaign survey at the end of July, the Conservatives have lost four points, with the Liberals picking up five.

That must really gall Stephen Harper. He has, we are told, a visceral dislike of the Liberal Party (because it has the word ‘liberal’ in it’s name, perhaps? – The Cat), and of the LPC leader, Justin Trudeau. Some say he has sworn to wipe out the LPC, leaving the field open to only two choices, the Conservative Party and the godless socialists.
And this?

Well, if you want to change the contours of Canadian politics, you have to either change the way in which Canadians hold elections (as both the LPC and NDP have committed to doing, by scrapping the FPTP system), or you have to do things and say things that appeal to a lot of voters.

That means not hiding from questions (Only 5 for me!), or preventing your candidates for MP from answering questions or from debating their opponents. It means answering questions asked in the House. And questions asked on the hustings.

It also means not persisting with the Frank Luntzian spin (aka framing) when it is obvious to all that the truth lies elsewhere.

I guess it would not surprise most Canadians to see the Conservatives lose votes, considering their record, their behavior, and especially the sorry spectacle of the PMO that the Duffy trial opened up for voters.
Welcome to those chickens, Mr. Harper: they are yours, coming home to roost.

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