Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trump would be the Disruptive Presidency that the USA needs

Professor Rapaille, archetype guru
We first heard about the creativity of disruption in the 1950’s when Joseph Schumpeter revealed his theory:

According to Schumpeter, creative destruction describes the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one".

A few years ago, we learned about the creative role of disruptive technologies and companies, in the destruction of outmoded products, industries and companies, and their replacement by new forces, such as new dot com industries. Such disruptive innovation led to better and more profitable things, we are told, and many examples bear this out.

Welcome now to the role of the disruptive politician.

And welcome to the most disruptive politician in America today, Donald Trump.

Poll after poll in the USA has shown a huge gulf between the professional politicians living in the Washington beltline, and the ordinary American voter. While senators and congress members believe they are doing good work  in the senate and in the congress, the vast bulk of Americans think they are doing poor work.

Every major decision for the past decade or more has faced instant gridlock. With the electorate split almost equally between the Republican and Democratic parties, nothing of consequence gets done until the whole economy is threatened.
President Donald 'Moses' Trump

While America’s physical infrastructure crumbles; large cities lurch towards bankruptcy because no politician dares raise taxes; educational systems creak and groan under impossible demands and lack of funding; and the federal debt just keeps on growing, the average working American faces stagnant wages, and more part time than permanent good paying jobs.

The political elite has conspired with the business leaders to sign trade deals that have shipped good manufacturing jobs offshore, and allowed other countries almost unlimited access to American markets while preventing the growth of unions, the provision of adequate medical and security systems for those who need it in those countries, and the flight to the bottom in worker protection, remuneration and long term interests.

The stage is set for the entry into the American scene of a disruptive innovation, in the form of a billionaire US businessman who is beholden to none, unafraid to voice what others consider political suicide to voice, and ready to take on anyone.

Trump is set to sweep the field and become the Republican candidate because people see him as their hope. The Average Joe sees this bombastic newcomer to politics as a reincarnated Ronald Reagan, come to slay dragons on his behalf.

As 2015 grinds on, don’t be surprised to see Trump’s popularity ratings in polls shoot up not only for Republican supporters, but also for Independents and Democrats. 

With the Democratic frontrunner veering close to implosion due to the email scandal, and the lack of enthusiasm for her among many voters, the Democrats are now, in my view, close to losing the 2016 presidency. That would leave the Republicans in control of the senate and the congress, and the maverick Trump in the White House.

The only hope for the Democrats, as I see it, is for new entries into the race to replace Clinton. Biden will not do. Sanders is a socialist, which is the kiss of death in the USA.

If Senator Elizabeth Warren threw her hat into the ring, or Al Gore, either would sweep Clinton aside and become the nominee.

As for Trump, he is moving from bombast to bombastic principle statements. Fox news through journalist Hannity is giving him the exact venue he needs: a one on one interview that covers single topics, over several meetings.

Note the manner in which Trump sets out his policies. They have three hallmarks, all very effective: they are stated as general principles, they do not contain paralyzing details, and they fit squarely into the desperate desire by so many Americans for a strong leader to lead America to future glory.

Donald Trump is the Moses that according to Professor Rapaille, Americans want in their president:

The Thumping Trump
“We are always changing, always moving forward, always reinventing, and we want a president who can redirect this process.  The president needs to understand what is broken, have a strong idea about how to fix it, and then ‘rebel’ against the problem.”

“As with everything else, the reptilian always wins.  We don’t want our presidents to think too much.  We want them to respond from the gut, to have a strong survival instinct.  The candidate doesn’t need to be extremely reptilian, only more reptilian than his opponent is… We don’t want a father figure.  We want a Biblical figure.”
The Code for the American Presidency is MOSES.  ”A rebellious leader of his people with a strong vision and the will to get them out of trouble.” He also made people believe they could do the impossible, eg George Washington’s ragtag army vs British military; Lincoln overcoming slavery and civil war, Roosevelt and the Depression.  American’s don’t want some perfect figure, instead they should learn from their mistakes and be better for it.

The leaders are the ‘entertainer in chief.’  Their job is to inspire.  That’s why Arnold works.  “The ‘vision thing’ is critical, as is the ability to get one’s message across and inspire.”

Think of the Commandments that Moses brought down from the mountain: talk about simply stated principles.  Trump is fitting into the American archetype with his statements of principles.

And Trump is promising to actually do things as president, not just throw up his hands and submit to business as usual.

That would be disruptively innovative in a gridlocked country, trust me!

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