Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Justin Trudeau hammers the nail into the Harper government’s coffin

The End
Today, Trudeau issued the death warrant of the hapless and disliked Conservative Government of Stephen Harper, when he shut the door on supporting a minority Conservative government after the October 19 election:

The leader of Canada's Liberal Party, running tied in polls ahead of an October election, said on Tuesday there are no circumstances under which he would support a Conservative minority government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I have spent my entire political career fighting against Mr. Harper's narrow and meaner vision of what Canada can be and what the government should do," Justin Trudeau told reporters during a campaign stop.

"There are no circumstances in which I would support Stephen Harper to continue being prime minister of this country."

And now Conservative voters will realize that their casting their votes will be a pointless exercise, and hundreds of thousands of them will not bother to vote at all on October 19. After all, the bigger the defeat, the more certain it will be that Harper will resign as leader of the CPC, and the sooner that Conservatives can begin the task of rebuilding their party under a new, more-inclusive leader.

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