Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Liberal march in BC speeds up – Nanos poll September 29

You can find the latest Nanos poll here. The movement amongst the 66% plus non-Harper supporters towards choosing one opposition party to favour on election day October 19 is speeding up.

In BC the Liberals have moved up sharply, at the expense of the NDP:

And in Battleground Ontario, with almost one third of the total 338 seats in the House, the battle between the Conservatives and Liberals continues apace, with the NDP fading:

Another five days of similar trends, and the message will sink in to even more of the mass of change-seeking voters: time to think seriously of backing the new generation, led by Justin Trudeau, so as to ensure that the Harper Tories are voted out of power, one way of the other, and a new government, promising real change plus vision, takes over the reins of power on October 20.

And then, within 18 months, the Liberals have promised to deliver substantial electoral change, replacing the archaic first past the post system.

All parties will benefit from having their votes counted in very corner of our vast country, and having MPs in Parliament from every province and territory.

Speak to your friends and relatives about voting strategically to achieve two aims: the removal of the tired, visionless Harper government, and the remedying of our democratic deficits, starting probably before yearend, of the consultation process to decide on which two replacements of the old FPTP to put to the nation in a referendum.

As Leonard Cohen might have put it: Democracy is coming, to Canada.

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