Friday, September 18, 2015

Nanos: Liberals forging ahead in Ontario and competitive with Tories in BC

Here are three diagrams from Nanos polling released at 6am on Friday September 18, that indicate the state of play.

First, check out the incredible bunching of the three parties in recent weeks:

Then there is the very important and game-winning Ontario standings of the parties – Liberals forging ahead very nicely:

Finally, the other significant battleground, BC, with Liberals contesting it with Harper ‘new’ Conservatives:

Movement in the two provinces that will determine which party governs us as from late October.  

And Stephen Harper showed in this economics debate - as well as during his carefully tailored campaign meetings - a surprising lack of energy. A bit like Jeb Bush, as The Donald said: no energy.  Is Harper tired of being prime minister? Just going through the motions now? 

I thought his answer to Peter Mansbridge about retiring if his party won fewer seats was revealing: he answered straight away, like a man who had clearly given the issue some thought. I will resign as prime minister if I win fewer seats than either the NDP or LPC, he said. But not as MP, he added, quickly.

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