Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Poll Tracker: Harper 125 Mulcair + Trudeau 211 = New Government on October 19

Here’s the stark facts of the state of play from today’s CBC/308 Poll Tracker:

Note that Harper’s Conservatives are still far short of a majority, the only way that Harper will remain prime minister, given the emphatic rejections by both Mulcair and Trudeau of either opposition party voting confidence in a Harper minority government.

So Harper needs to reach the magical number of 170 seats to stay in power after election day October 19.

And notice that in Ontario, the projected seat total for the Liberals and Conservatives are almost equal today – 53 Conservative, 50 Liberal – with the NDP picking up 18. That’s a decline of 20 seats for Harper’s ‘new’ Conservatives in Battleground Ontario. AND THAT'S WITHOUT ANY MEANINGFUL STRATEGIC VOTING BY LPC AND NDP VOTERS IN TORY-HELD RIDINGS!

Flip through the Poll Tracker regional seat projections. Note the decline in Conservative seats right across the country?

No place is safe for the Harper brand.

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