Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Source: Harper is in a bunker

Will order go out from Harper's bunker for heads to roll?
Everybody knows the wheels are coming off the Harper ‘new’ Conservatives bus. And this article in The Hamilton Spectator has interviews with senior Tories about what is happening behind the scenes:

One source said cabinet ministers are being encouraged by party stalwarts to speak to Harper about how the campaign can be helped.

Regional organizers and ministers are not being consulted regularly nor drawn into the loop on issues as they arise in the campaign, the source said. The assessment is one of a general lack of nimbleness, which means Harper's rivals have been able to frame parts of the electoral debate.

"It's down to the bunker," said another, noting Harper has made the circle of advisers around him even tighter than previous elections.

Read the rest of the article – it is the first of many. When party operatives turn on each other in the middle of a campaign, it bodes ill for the party. Remember, these people have access to the detailed party polling, and to anecdotal evidence from their candidates and others, as well as the public polls. Some of them are insiders.

Right now, countless journalists are reaching for the phone to contact their sources within the Harper Tories, to verify who is rumoured to be getting the axe, and who might replace them. Anonymous tipsters are also reaching for their phones, to settle scores or push for their own advantage.

Once the leaks begin in a campaign’s head offices, it soon spirals out of control. We are, I believe, about to see a dramatic implosion in the Conservative Party’s campaign organization. Soon, in an effort to right things, Harper will have order heads to roll. Sending his chief of staff to the campaign war office will not suffice, if the above sources are correct: the rot is too deep for a campaign to continue with such rumours.

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