Thursday, September 24, 2015

Strategic voting taking root in Canada 3 weeks before election day

Dead cat on a table strategy

Some 3,000 Canadians have crowdfunded polls by Leadnow of 31 crucial ridings across Canada where the margin of victory of the Conservatives was small enough to be vulnerable to strategic voting. 

You can read about it and access each riding’s results here.

What seems to be emerging is that the primary question on the lips of the majority of Canadians is how to vote to remove the Harper Conservatives from power and replace them with a new government.

These two diagrams from Leadnow’s study illustrate this:

Add to this the latest EKOS poll showing that Harper is clawing his way back to majority territory on the crest of two dead cats he tossed on the table, no doubt following the advice of his Wizard of Oz, and the question of strategic voting takes on added urgency. If you live in any of these 31 ridings, or know anyone who lives there, think about the recommendations in the Leadnow poll, and vote accordingly.

If you don’t, you will share the blame if Harper wins another majority.

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