Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Politics of Fear lifting the wallowing Tory ship?

After weeks of polls showing a virtual three-way tied between the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals, along comes one poll that shows these startling upticks in Conservative support:

The poll results now show the Conservatives with clear leads in British Columbia, Alberta, the Prairie provinces and in Ontario, where 38.7 per cent of respondents are backing the Tories compared to 30.3 per cent for the Liberals and 19.9 per cent for the NDP.

Mulcair’s party still leads in Quebec with 32.8 per cent voter support, but the Tories have experienced a surge in support, rising to 23.7 per cent in the province.

“I think it’s in the Quebec City region and I think it’s related to the niqab and their response to the Syrian refugees,” Graves said.

So, almost overnight, Graves of EKOS says that Harper has bounced back and is reaching for his second majority government?

And the NDP in Quebec has lost about a quarter of their support, with the Tories riding the crest of bigotry to a new high?

Did the Wizard of Oz recommend tossing a dead cat on the table in the form of the Syrian refugees and terrorists plus the citizen swearing in sideshow?

Wait for the other pollsters to pile on: expect to hear “outflier”, “aberration”, and other choice words.

Better still, wait for the next week of poll results. Is EKOS out to lunch, or are the other polling companies?

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