Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tom Mulcair explains how the NDP Swiss Cheese Plan came about

Dramatic disclosures on the campaign trail today!  A respected numbers man has called the campaign plan prepared by Tom Mulcair for the NDP, a “Swiss cheese plan.”  He likes it, but thinks it’s a bit skimpy:

Even though Canada’s former budget watchdog called the NDP’s fiscal plan "Swiss cheese," leader Thomas Mulcair insists Kevin Page has very nice things to say about his party’s document.
Page, who served as parliamentary budget officer from 2008-2013, has been advising Mulcair and the NDP, as well as other parties. He told The Huffington Post Canada Thursday that he was disappointed with the NDP’s fiscal plan.
“They’ve exposed [Mulcair], because this is a Swiss-cheese fiscal costing platform,” Page said.
When asked about this comment, NDP leader Tom Mulcair was quick to explain what had gone wrong. A strange little bird had tipped him off about who made the mistake:

He went on to give his assumption about just how the mice had decided to change the plan. It happened soon after he had posed for an unexpected photograph, with his usual post-first-debate exuberance:

Clearly, the mice had mistaken his very precise instructions about the content of the Plan:

Deep Throat has it on good authority that, behind the scenes, Mulcair was livid with fury at the debacle. The search for culprits started within minutes:

 and Mucair lashed out at his planners, as these images show:

Deep Throat has also heard speculation about why the NDP planners - usually an industrious lot - departed from The Grand Plan. Some of the speculation has the ring of truth to it:

This instruction was misunderstood, it seems, and some planners acted on their own initiative, as Dippers believe their party wants them to do (unlike those Harper Conservative MPs, who are muzzled all the time):

Some of the planners – in private, of course – have raised spirited defences of their actions:

Now all we need is for some intrepid blogger or two to start a meme about Tom Mulcair's Swiss cheese plan ....

Go ahead: make our day!

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