Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trudeau’s massive $125 Billion Infrastructure Plan gains traction among voters

Nick Nanos
Just in time for the second debate tonight, Nanos has come out with a poll dealing with voters’s views of what is needed to stimulate the economy.

You can link to the Nanos study through the Toronto Star article.    IT IS WORTH READING, AND WORTH SHARING.

What is clear is that most voters see the benefits of infrastructure spending in building the economy and creating jobs (the two main voter concerns, according to earlier polls), as this Nanos chart shows:

Of critical importance in the coming election, is the fact that most voters in battleground Ontario agree with infrastructure as the biggest driver for future growth of our economy, and that it is time for a change:

And even the source of funding for Justin Trudeau’s massive infrastructure plan meets with approval of voters (deficits and higher taxes on wealthier Canadians).

And even the oldest age group believe that change is needed (this is the group that Harper usually tops the polls in) - close to 60% of those over 60; and close to 70% of those 50 to 59, as shown in the above chart. And all told, 69% want change:

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