Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vox Populi: Now 70% of Canadians want change from Harper governance

The trend towards change on October 19 election day is becoming well-nigh irrestible. The latest NANOS tracking poll of voters has this startling statistic (my underlining):

A new poll suggests most Canadians (79 per cent) agree the country feels like it’s in recession, nearly seven in 10 (69 per cent) believe “it’s time for change” and more than half think a victory by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would be bad for the economy.

The findings are according to an exclusive new Nanos Research poll, conducted on behalf of CTV and The Globe and Mail.

Among the questions asked was: “Thinking of your vote in the upcoming federal election, would you say that it is time for a change or not time for a change?”

More than two-thirds of respondents (69 per cent) agreed “it is time for a change,” while 23 per cent said it was “not time for a change.” Eight per cent were unsure.

Nanos said those findings might hint that a problem is brewing for the Conservatives.
“Once those change numbers hit 70 (per cent) or above 70, usually the incumbent party is in trouble,” he said. “The good news for the Tories is that the election is not tomorrow; it’s on Oct. 19, so there is still time for them to recover.”

The number of those who appear to want change is up three percentage points from July, when 66 per cent of respondents agreed “it is time for change” compared to 24 per cent of those who said it “not time for change.” At that time, 10 per cent were unsure.

And half of voters think that more of Harper “would be bad for the economy.”  Despite the Harper insistence that he is the only man for the job if we want our economy to survive turbulent times.

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