Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will Mulcair look left and Harper’s eyebrows not move in Monday’s debate?

An expert in body language viewed the French language debate and Christine Gagnon had this to say about Tom (Thomas?) Mulcair’s body gestures:

Watch for Mulcair to repeat these gestures in Monday’s debate on foreign affairs.

What about Harper? The expert says he had a fake smile, and his eyebrows gave him away:
Gagnon didn't beat around the bush: "Stephen Harper lacks all spontaneity in his gestures." The Conservative leader endlessly repeats the same gestures, which are all very symmetrical, almost robotic. This symmetry indicates a desire to control the debate.

He frequently looked into the camera, which is a good thing for creating a connection with the audience, but his smile was very unnatural. "His eyebrows never move, and the rest of his face doesn't follow. That's why you have a hard time believing his smile," said the expert. Harper keeps his "fake" smile when criticized by his opponents, which communicates both unease and arrogance.

And watch to see if Harper and Mulcair behave like cobra and mongoose again on Monday:

Harper seemed almost entirely focused on Mulcair, Gagnon concluded. Avoiding almost all eye contact with his other opponents, Harper focused all his energy on replying to Mulcair, and vice-versa.

Best of all, why not hand out pieces of paper with the gestures in columns under each politicians name, and ask your group to draw a tick every time one of them does what the body language expert said he did in the last debate. Then compare notes after the debate. Live tweeting, based on the same gestures being seen, would also help others watching to understand how each debater was performing.

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