Thursday, October 08, 2015

If this holds, Stephen Harper gets his pink slip on October 19

… and joins the ranks of unemployed prime ministers.

Today (October 8) the CBC Poll Tracker shows the Liberal Party with the most seats for the very first time:

Pause for a moment, all you progressives out there, and give three cheers! With only 11 days to go, the Red Tide is running strongly. Harper publicly promised to Canadians during his interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC that should another party win more seats that the Conservative Party does, he would immediately resign.

And in a recent interview with Rosemary Barton, he did not say outright that he would stay on Leader of the Opposition if the CPC came in second. Should that happen, and Harper not want that post, he would have to resign as leader of the CPC so that another leader may play that role. Best bet right now would be Kenney, given the paucity of senior Tories still running.

Now all we need to do is vote at the advance polls starting this Friday, and take along at least one younger voter to help remedy the lack of voting by those younger than 35. Voting now helps reduce the voter suppression methods that cropped up last time and could happen again this time: robocalls and incorrect voter registration cards sending voters to the wrong polling booths.

And starting in early November, we can take the first steps towards appointing the commission that will, within 18 months, replace the archaic first past the post electoral system with a new, more democratic system of choosing our MPs.

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