Saturday, October 10, 2015

Liberal Party ready to give Harper pink slip on October 19

The latest Poll Tracker seat projection 9CBC/308) show the LPC winning the most seats:

You will note from my September 3 X-marks-the-spot projection that I overestimated the NDP seats when I projected more seats for the LPC on October 19:

I would prefer that the NDP win more seats at the expense of the Harper ‘new’ Tories, but if the prediction today happens, then on October 20  Harper will resign as prime minister, as he promised Canadians he would do during his interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

And on October 20 Justin Trudeau will be sworn in as our new prime minister by the Governor General, and we can look forward to a rapid start in the process of deciding on what democratic electoral system should replace our archaic and disliked first past the post system.

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