Monday, October 12, 2015

My Last Blog Post

Deep Throat says Farewell
Curiosity Cat says Farewell
It's been fun, but my last blog post as CuriosityCat will appear on October 20.

In recent years my primary purpose in political blogging was to try to add my two cents worth towards achieving meaningful electoral change in Canada, to replace our archaic FPTP system.

With a change of government almost assured on October 19, and with both the LPC and NDP committed to this, my work here will be done. If at any time electoral reform is not being pursued, or is being designed to be a failure through the imposition of nonsensical minimum voting levels or suchlike, then The Cat will reappear, using one of its traditional nine lives, to join the fray.

My thanks to all those who commented on my blog over the years, and to those whose writings or blog entries informed me so well about our country's politics.

Please vote in the advance polls if you can, just in case.

The Cat and Deep Throat bid you farewell, in advance.

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