Sunday, October 04, 2015

Red Tide moves towards Liberals in Quebec and in Ontario, says Nanos poll

The latest Nanos tracking poll for Sunday October 4 is very good news indeed!  Please make sure everyone you know who wants change on October 19 gets a copy of this and also shares it with all their friends.

Here’s the vital Battleground Ontario results:

And here’s what’s happening in the vital battlegrounds of Ontario, Quebec and BC (my underlining):
The latest tracking by Nanos Research for CTV News and the Globe and Mail shows that, regionally:
  • The Liberals lead in Atlantic Canada, with 52.1 per cent support, and in Ontario with 44 per cent support.
  • The Conservatives lead in the Prairies, with 51.6 per cent support.
  • In British Columbia, there is a tight race between the NDP (34.9 per cent) and the Liberals (34.3 per cent).
  • The NDP lead in Quebec with 32.9 per cent, but support continues to slide.
And here’s the movement of voters in Quebec towards the Liberals (the beginning of a Red Tide in that important province):

Remember to vote in advance polls if you can!  And take a friend along with you, especially a younger voter.

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