Thursday, October 08, 2015

The 16 Doomsday Ridings that can fire Harper as PM on October 19: Are you in one of them?

If you are, read this article and vote strategically.  Here are 14 of the 16 Doomsday Ridings that can guarantee that Harper is given a pink slip on election day:

And, here, to illustrate how it works, are the other 2 ridings:

So who wins if the 16 Doomsday Ridings do vote strategically?

Firstly, Canada does; we end the Harper tired government and put in a new one.

Secondly, the Liberal Party and the NDP could each win 8 new ridings:

There are 14 other ridings where the same thing could easily happen. If the Liberal and NDP parties cooperate in all 16 ridings, they will each take eight seats from the Conservatives, stopping the Conservative party from forming the government.

So share the article with everyone you know, and make it happen.

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