Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Signal Oct 6: Tories 132 seats; Liberals 132 seats; NDP 71 seats

Trudeau has led his Liberal Party to a forecasted number of MPs equal to those that Harper’s tired Conservatives might elect: 132 MPs each.

With neither the CPC nor the LPC having a majority of seats (170 MPs), this result would mean the end of the Harper government, and a new Liberal Party government, with Justin Trudeau as prime minister, and Harper as leader of the Opposition.

Now, if the Liberals claw one extra seat from the CPC or NDP, then Harper will resign as PM on the evening of October 19, as he promised Peter Mansbridge in the CBC interview, and Trudeau would take over as PM on October 20.

Then we can start righting the many wrongs that Harper has inflicted on our democracy, and set in motion the commission to replace the FPTP system of electing our MPs with a more democratic one (hopefully a modified proportional representation system).

So, everyone: vote in the advance polls (just in case robocalls start up again), take someone younger with you to vote as well, and vote strategically so as to unseat a sitting Conservative MP in your riding, if you have one.

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