Sunday, October 04, 2015

Who is the Change Agent in Canada’s election? It’s no contest, really

Mulcair has only two weeks to reverse a dramatic reversal in the minds of voters of just who, in an election where about 70% of the voters want a change, bears the Change mantel.

Harper is an also-ran in the Who is the best change agent stakes (offering less of the present is not a recipe for change).

Mulcair started the race with the best chance to represent the change that most voters want to take place on October 19. But somewhere on the road his chariot to victory lost a wheel or two and veered off to the right of the road. Round about the same time that Mulcair decided on a read my lips: no deficits economic Inaction Plan.

Here’s the bad news for Mulcair, from a CBC/Innovation poll:

Unless a miracle happens, Mulcair has run out of time.

And for Harper, unless a miracle happens, he has run out of time to change voters wishes for something new, into a wish to have him back in power as leader of a majority government.
The Change Agent Thunderdome

What a race! Three men enter the Thunderdome, and now two of the men need a miracle for them to stagger out of it alive.

We are heading for a very welcome change of government on October 20, and for substantive electoral reform before April 2017.

So kiss Goodbye to the archaic first past the post system of choosing our MPs, and say Hello to a far more democratic system.

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