Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Justin Trudeau should resign as PM if this is true

Today we read that PM Trudeau is musing that his government is so popular that they might back off their solemn promise before last year's election to carry out electoral reform.

The NDP reaction was swift:

NDP critic Nathan Cullen warned that if the Liberals "think they're so incredibly popular that people will forgive them any broken promise, they are sadly mistaken."
Leader Tom Mulcair took the matter to question period. "Instead of inventing excuses and backing away from his solemn promise to Canadians," Mulcair said, "will he work with us in good faith to deliver the fair, proportional electoral system the voters deserve?"

 If the Liberal Party walks away from serious and meaningful electoral reform by any means (holding a referendum when they promised the end to first past the post, or simply dragging their feet or in any other way), then voters should pay heed and vote against the Liberals in any by elections and in the next election.

Hundreds of thousands of voters voted for change, including serious electoral change, and heard PM Trudeau promise  it.

I personally would work to unseat my Liberal MP if this happens.

We wanted clean and transparent government, not broken promises of this nature after one year.

Liberals should think twice about this kind of speculation, never mind action.

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