Tuesday, November 08, 2016

PEI leads the way in remedying our democratic deficit!

Way to go PEI!

Voters strike a blow for a better democracy; our federal government and other provinces should pay heed:

A non-binding plebiscite on electoral reform in Prince Edward Island has shown voters support a switch to a form of proportional representation.

Mixed member proportional representation was the most popular option, drawing more than half of the votes after ballots were counted and redistributed five times according to the rules of preferential voting.

Islanders were given five options to chose from, including an option to keep the current first-past-the-post system. Voters were asked to rank some or all of the options on a one-to-five scale.

If no electoral system received more than half the votes, the option with the fewest votes was eliminated and those ballots redistributed to their second-choice option.

That process was repeated until one option passed the 50 per cent threshold to achieve majority support.

On the fifth round of counting, mixed member proportional representation obtained 19,418 votes, or more than 52 per cent of the 37,040 valid votes. The existing system received close to 43 per cent of votes in the final round.

Electronic voting began on Oct. 29 at noon and continued until Monday at 7 p.m. local time. Elections P.E.I. says more than 36 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot.

Who's next?

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