Sunday, November 27, 2016

PM Trudeau should immediately replace Minister Monsef to ensure reform

Or was it bait and switch?

PM Trudeau solemnly assured voters during the election campaign that the last election as the last one under the archaic first past the post system of choosing MPs.

And now the junior minister tasked with carrying out this solemn promise is showing signs of a lack of drive in the process:

Canada may not have a new system for electing governments by 2019, despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise voters would never again use the current system.

Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef on Sunday refused to guarantee her work so far on the file is leading to reform that will be in place by the next general election.

That work has included striking a committee to study potential alternatives to the current first-past-the-post system that the Liberals promised to replace before the next election. The committee’s report is due this week.

Trudeau should immediately take minister Monseff off this file and parachute in some heavyweight minister to inject the necessary urgency into this process, so as to ensure that within months our system is changed to a system where every vote is counted, and every vote counts, and the old FPTP system is scrapped.

Electoral reform to remedy our democratic deficits is far too important to Canada than many other government initiatives.  Trudeau’s reputation rests on delivering on his solemn promise to Canadians.

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